Loloma is a tropical retreat that boasts an astonishing array of natural features. With a 1000-acre rainforest, 2.2 kilometers of beach frontage, and landforms ranging from low-lying beach areas to steep mountainous peaks, Loloma offers unparalleled resort development potential. As one of the largest privately-owned landholdings on Vanua Levu and with no similar offerings of this scale around, Loloma is in the unique position to provide a complete experience in one incredible location.




The property flaunts a dense 1000-acre rainforest that is habitat to towering hardwood trees and a myriad of tropical plant and bird species. The rainforest, to be largely

preserved in its natural state, is the ideal backdrop for a small, secluded treehouse enclave. Imagine meditating in a lush rainforest environment amidst an array of

chirping bird and gurgling creek sounds, or perhaps dwelling amongst the native

flora and fauna in an airy thatched-roof treehouse nestled within the

high-reaching branches of the Vesi trees.


In the depths of the bountiful rainforest, gushing waterfalls overflow into stunning freshwater pools artistically constructed by nature's rock formations. Emanating from our own private watershed, this crisp, clear water is free from external sources of contamination and water rights issues. For nature lovers and adventure seekers, activities abound: picture trekking through the rainforest on a day trip that culminates with a refreshing dip in a freshwater swimming hole, or is en route to one of many nature campsites, meditation spots, or breathtaking vista points.


With a 2.2-kilometer stretch of beach frontage, Loloma is the only location with any significant amount of white sand in the entire Buca Bay area. Beachside accommodations are proposed for this gently sloping foreshore bordered by copious white sand and lazily swaying coconut trees. Visualize stepping foot onto the powder-white sand from an intimate traditional-style bure (bungalow) and basking in every beachside activity under the sun.



Situated just yards off the beach is a one-acre private island adorned by caves, white-sand beach, and shallow underwater sandbar. This island is the prospective setting for a restaurant that will feature fresh, regional cuisine as spectacular as the view. Imagine escaping to the island to play "castaway" for the day and explore the bounds of this unfamiliar territory, then enjoying a bright afternoon lunch or romantic sunset

dinner while tasting sumptuous hors d'oeuvres and sipping on tantalizing tropical drinks.


Fronting the property’s shoreline is a calm deep-water channel that provides ideal conditions for marina

development. Buca Bay is sheltered by islands and mountain peaks, which yield the placid waters desired for

yacht harboring and water sports including diving, standup paddleboarding, jet skiing, and fishing. Envisioned is a 108-slip, floating dock marina that will accommodate large-scale yachts and all other manner of pleasure craft. The adjoining marina center will

include a yacht club, boardwalk, and

equipment rentals.





Flanked by traditional Fijian villages in rural Buca Bay, the property is deeply rooted in culture and history. Villages are formed with open, airy bures (bungalows) that are distinguished by their thatched roofs, high ceilings, exposed beams and pole construction. To preserve the integrity of the land and offer an authentic experience, the architectural style will feature traditional Fijian techniques and craftsmanship while integrating contemporary taste and accouterments.


Loloma's hotel concept has been thoughtfully envisioned in a terraced design to flaunt stunning views at every level. The proposed design features traditional bure-style rooms arranged along the natural contours of the topography. The top tiers would command a panoramic view overlooking tranquil Buca Bay while the lower rests beachside just steps from the water. 


With a 1,000-acre rainforest and miles of waterfront located on-site, the activities possible at Loloma's tropical playground are nearly endless.

Snorkeling & Diving
Catching the Sunset
Horseback Riding
Kayaking & Stand Up Paddleboarding
Drinking Kava
Lovo & Meke
Educational Nature Tours
Nature Spa
Neighbor Island Day Excursions
Swim-Up Bar
Health & Wellness Center
Sustainable Farming